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MAX will help you getting most of your CRM implementation by working together with DotWood: a gold certified Microsoft CRM partner with in depth market knowledge and experience


About us

About MAX

MAX is a registered trademark developed by DotWood CRM, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner with deep manufacturing process knowledge and innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

Over the years DotWood CRM has demonstrated consistent, high-quality service to Microsoft Dynamics customers, ensuring they receive significant business benefits from their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. Our expertise comes from years of experience and our solutions have been developed to meet the demands of Manufacturing & Distribution companies, Life Science companies and Service firms.
Our experts will talk to you in a language you understand, without excessive technical terminology. We integrate our software within your business’ culture and the way you work.

We have offices are a multilingual company with focus on the European market. We have Dutch, German, French and English speaking consultants to match your company, anywhere in The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and France.

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