If you are looking at a new CRM implementation, or considering replacing single or multiple systems, we can implement a CRM solution that optimizes your business processes and supports:

Marketing Automation

Look for a system that delivers automated email tracking, web intelligence, lead scoring, marketing analytics and customizable workflows that can help sales teams maximize opportunities.


Seek out a solution that can provide detailed, global information that tracks orders (plan to actual) over time against trade agreement commitments to improve coordination among your sales, financial and manufacturing groups, as well as partners.

Sales Opportunity Management

Your CRM needs to provide a centralized system to track sales opportunities and communications with customers and prospects.

Partner and Customer Portals

A self-service portal improves the customer experience, reduces costs and adds value for your business partners.

Warranty management and customer service

Your CRM should include warranty/maintenance contract management, software licensing management and customer service capabilities.

Workflow Automation

To improve productivity and ensure compliance with corporate policies, choose a CRM system with integrated workflow capabilities that allows you to automate routine tasks and escalate activities based on other events.

Organizational and Territory Management

Look for a CRM system that lets your company set up territories and teams, then manage and optimize them for greater organizational efficiency.


Choose a CRM that makes your sales force more productive by giving them real-time access to customer, sales, support and product information inside and outside the office on the device of their choosing.

We offer a unique approach to companies which are examining CRM software. We ensure your front office (sales, marketing and customer service) is tied directly to your back office (finance, operations and manufacturing) with a unified ERP-CRM system. This enables complete visibility across your entire organization and facilitates the streamlining of reporting and business processes. This is not possible when a company’s CRM and ERP systems operate as separate silos of information.